See How the Emotions Influence Us Scientifically When We Buy Products

November 25, 2016

Sometimes, everything that we have, take, and buy is always based on our rational analysis. In fact, most of the decision we take in every moment has influence from our emotional condition. And, this phenomenon has been studied by some researchers. This is proven in the book entitled “Descartes Error” by Antonio Damasio. He who is a professor of neuroscience at the University of Southern California states that emotion is the most important ingredients to almost every decision we take. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? We believe that some of you have ever done those things, right? like when you buy unnecessary things, it happens because of your emotion let you make the decision to buy it. So, have you ever wondered why it sounds like that? Here is the answer!

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Why does it happen?

As we that emotions become the major reason why the consumers really like brand name products that the price. Brand products have a great power in the marketplace. In fact, it creates strong emotional connections to the consumers. The brand is just a mental image of the products in the consumer’s mind. If the mental image just builds only of the product’s features or other information. It will be abandoned by the consumer. While the product which has a richer emotional content, the more consumers will be loyal buyers.

Based on the fMRI neuro-imagery shows that when considering the brand of the products, the consumers tends to use their emotions to make a decision to buy like experiences and personal feelings rather than the price and the information such as features, materials, and facts.

The development of technology provokes the high of consumer’s emotions. You can find a lot of online advertisement on your gadget or television anytime, anywhere, and whenever you are. According to Advertising research, the research concludes that the emotional response to an advertisement increases greater influence to the consumers to buy a product.

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