Everything about the LED Fishing Lights

January 30, 2017

There are a lot of factors to consider when you choose the right LED lights for fishing. Sure, the LED lights have more advantages when compared to the halogen lights but it doesn’t mean that you can pick any LED lights you first see. Besides the benefits, there are also some handy tips that can help you make a wiser and better decision.

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The Benefits

People always say that the LED lights are more effective without draining too much energy. Well, it is true. A single halogen light requires 4 amps at 12V and it is able to produce 9,900 candlepower. It can last to 450 hours of usage.  A single LED light requires 1.3 amps at 12V and it is able to produce 12,500 candlepower.  It can last to 22,000 hours. The downside is the price. A single fishing halogen light can cost you less than $100 but a LED light will cost you at least $150.

However, if you don’t mind the price and you really like the benefits, here are some of the things you will enjoy:

  • As you can see, the lights are able to conserve energy and yet produce more power. The quality of the shine is somehow better and brighter.
  • The LED lights are long lasting.
  • They usually come in a modern design with sophisticated features and flexible arrangements. Some of the underwater LED fishing lights can change colors once it is connected to your device or smartphone. As long as you have the WiFi connection, changing the color will be easy.

The Marine Grade

You need to choose the lights with marine grade quality. Don’t choose the outdoor LED lights just because you think that they can handle the job. You need to choose the marine grade quality because they have different construction and materials.  You will be installing the lights under the water; that’s why the marine quality is important.

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